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Precious stones, their Significance, and Benefits

Gemstones are nothing like ordinary stones. They are precious stone pieces made up of minerals, rocks or organic material that is usually cut and polished to be transformed into a piece of jewelry or an accessory.

The majority of these precious stones are formed below the earth’s surface when water either reacts with minerals or blends with rocks enriched with copper. These precious stones are usually high-priced due to their rareness and are considered a valued possession.

People tend to wear these precious stones in the form of jewelry due to the benefits they bring to their lives when worn. Some of these stones and their significance is as follows:


1. Amazonite
Named after the Amazon River in South America, Amazonite is a gemstone that ranges from being opaque to transparent and has a unique green tone. A nicely polished Amazonite is used for the jewelry pieces. This precious stone is mostly found in Russia followed by Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.


With a rich history in South America, Amazonite was also found in jewelry pieces in Ancient Egypt where it was discovered in King Tut’s tomb in the form of beads. Moreover, these older civilizations also tend to regard this precious stone as a ‘Stone of Hope’ because they believed it carried soothing tone bringing calmness to the wearer. They also believed in it to heal wounds and help recover from certain illnesses.

Benefits of wearing it:

The benefits that Amazonite brings with it when worn by someone include physical, emotional and spiritual healing powers. It is claimed to aid cell regeneration, relieving muscular spasms, treating nervous system disorders, neural impulses blockage, and thyroid issues.

Furthermore it is calming and soothing the mind, and helping people to achieve emotional stability. In the sense of spiritual energy, Amazonite is believed to have the energy to find and communicate the personal truth.

This precious stone, however, is now very rarely used in jewelry because it is very unique, and it is very difficult to find a sufficient amount of Amazonite. Still, it carries exceptional healing powers for those who wear and use it while also has a rich history attached to itself.


2. Amethyst
This beautiful purple gemstone gets it’s name from a Greek word called Amethystos that means not drunken. This stone was given this name because the Ancient Greek people believed it to be an excellent remedy for drunkenness. Amethyst is formed from a very popular mineral called the Quartz and the purple color comes from the presence of iron.

While it is a precious stone it is also a birthstone for people born in February and is used for manufacturing jewelry ornaments. Amethyst has proven to be popular among consumers, artisans, and jewelers due to it’s good durability, affordability, and gorgeous colors.


As believed by ancient civilizations for it’s properties of soothing the mind, Amethyst is called “Stone of the Mind”. Since it was assumed to cure drunkenness, in Ancient Roman times this precious stone was found embedded in goblets and flasks. There were various other benefits associated with this gemstone including the betterment of mental and physical health.

Benefits of wearing it:

Apart from calming the mind, it is also believed to enhance the mental activity, and give you the power to resist any unwanted and undesirable habits that one might want to overcome. In addition to that, Amethyst is also associated with it’s ability to grant people with the willpower they need to stay committed to their dreams.

As far as physical health is concerned, Amethyst is also thought to help with stabilizing one’s metabolism, increase the production of red blood cells and bring improvements to the stimulation of the process of tissue rejuvenation. It is also believed to aid in treating the disorders of blood sugar and improving one’s immune system.

Amethyst also possesses spiritual energy that is believed to bring spiritual purification and protection by taking away the negative influences from one’s energy field. It is also considered a valuable possession for those who are involved in the psychic and intuitive field of work.

From the significance and benefits described above, it is clear that if you choose to wear Amethyst, you will be giving yourself the advantage of acquiring physical, emotional and spiritual healing powers that are essential in everyday life.

Wearing Amethyst is surely going to empower you while also add beauty and glamour to your jewelry piece with it’s texture and beautiful color of purple. The ones born in February can also wear it to flaunt their birthstone and still achieve all these healing powers.


3. Apatite
Apatite is widely known due to the variety of colors it comes in from across the globe and was named so because of this unique property since Apatite in Greek means to deceive and with this range of colors, there is no one Apatite stone. It is found in Myanmar (formerly Burma), Brazil, Madagascar, South Africa, Norway, USA, and Canada.


From a beautiful blue-green color to a stunning turquoise, this precious stone comes in all different variations of the blue and green color. Apatite is a part of phosphate minerals and is an important constituent of phosphorite which is used for fertilizers, acids and other chemicals.

This precious stone is more popular among the collectors of gems then the jewelry manufacturers and makers due to it’s fragility. The Apatite is called the “Stone of Manifestation” since it is believed to bring a humanitarian outlook.

Benefits of wearing it:

The blue Apatite is believed to spread independence to those who wear it. It is a stone of motivation and helps people in public speaking and effective communication. It is also associated with the suppression of hunger and an increase in metabolism while healing glands and curing hypertension.

It is also believed that when Apatite is worn by people as rings on their fingers, it makes them less clumsy since it is accredited to bring a balance in the hand-eye coordination. Green Apatite is also associated with diet improvements. Moreover, the yellow Apatite can be used to enhance inner creativity and is also believed to counter listlessness and apathy among it’s users. It is also known to support diet and metabolism.

The wearers of Apatite have an edge due to the variety of colors this precious stone comes in. From blue to green to yellow, this gemstone surely gives the advantage of acquiring pieces of jewelry in various colors. Combined with it’s healing properties ranging from physical to mental and spiritual health, this stone can surely bring you a plethora of benefits.

If you use or wear it and make your everyday jewelry pieces more stunning and purposeful apart from just something that you can wear to show off. It surely is a gem of stone coming with so many different properties making sure that you avail the opportunity of wearing it and enjoying it each time you choose Apatite as your stone.

Aqua Chalcedony

4. Aqua Chalcedony
Aqua or blue chalcedony as it is known is a demure crystal with a calming and soothing appearance. Belonging to the family of Quartz, the name chalcedony is derived from Chalcedon, the port city from Greece.


It’s historical relevance is embedded in the fact that it was used by the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece, and Rome in jewelry pieces and carvings. Moreover, this gemstone was also believed to empower it’s holders just like other antique gems.

The deeper the color of the blue chalcedony, the more desirable it is among the buyers. Chalcedony also comes in various colors ranging from multi-colored to light colors. The blue chalcedony is also a birthstone for people who are Gemini.

Benefits of wearing it:

Wearing this blue stone around the neck is assumed to curb the stage fright and the fear attached to public speaking. Blue Chalcedony is also believed to calm and make one feel more balanced giving you the grounding energy needed to stabilize your life.

It also used for dispelling mood swings leaving you with a set of healthy emotions to express. Even though it cannot cure depression, Aqua Chalcedony can make those depressing days a lot more bearable and better.

From it’s distinctive properties, it is clear that if you wear this Aqua Chalcedony you will be acquiring powers to stabilize your life and bring more positivity in it. With the elimination of the fear of public speaking, you will be giving yourself a confidence boost through this precious stone. For Geminis, this is a perfect stone to wear for not only beautifying their jewelry collection but also they will be wearing their birthstone!


5. Aquamarine
It is a gorgeous dark to a medium blue precious stone that is found in Brazil, Madagascar, Russia, and the USA. In China and Columbia, a slightly yellow kind of Aquamarine is found. The significant sources of this gemstone include Madagascar, Brazil, Nigeria, and Kenya. The name Aquamarine is derived from the Latin words of ‘aqua’ translating into the water and ‘marina’ translating into the sea.


It was a popular stone among the sailors that they used against drowning. Moreover, it is used by physicians from Rome to treat digestive issues. It is also believed that Aquamarine reignites the love between the married couple and a Roman legend also emphasizes it’s significance for young love. It was also considered a symbol of happiness by Sumerians, Egyptians, and Hebrews.

Benefits of wearing it:

Aquamarine has several healing properties that include healing from physical and mental illnesses. It works for sinus, coughing, hay fever, and various allergies. It is also a cooling stone and can give you a soothing effect against cold, laryngitis or sore throat.

Being a stone of water element, Aquamarine is a stone that works for cleansing of the emotional aspect of the body and brings emotions to the surface to help understand them. It is also a gemstone that is associated with empowering men and women to overcome their communication problems enhancing their intuition and inner knowing.

Wearing this precious stone guarantees some very useful and amazing benefits Aquamarine has to offer against the physical, mental and emotional challenges we all face every day. With it’s ravishing blue color and appearance, it will for sure enhance your jewelry or ornament making you feel confident and beautiful. With it’s added useful properties, you can wear it not only to flaunt it but also give yourself the calmness and emotional stability that this stone is capable of providing you.

Hence, Aquamarine, a historically significant gemstone, is the stone you need not only to enhance your jewelry collection but also to improve your lifestyle.

Blue Topaz

6. Blue Topaz
Topaz comes in various shades of blue ranging from pale to light to deep and dark tone of blue. Blue Topaz is the color of topaz that is widely popular in the marketplace for jewelry. It is an inexpensive yet attractive gemstone that is loved by the people who wear jewelry. Due to these properties, Blue Topaz has gained popularity among consumers.

Back in the 1970s, the inexpensive pieces of topaz jewelry were made of yellow to brown color as finding the natural Blue Topaz was difficult and expensive. Today the Blue Topaz is the outcome of the gem treatment. Also, there are two distinct types of Blue Topaz available; Swiss blue and London blue. The Swiss Blue Topaz is a brighter blue compared to the London Blue Topaz which is more expensive and favorite in the market. For the people born in December, Blue Topaz is also an alternate birthstone for them.


The Blue Topaz is known for resembling the mind’s and knowledge’s energy helping one to think and solve complex problems and ideas. It is also known for instilling creativity, enhancing the attention span and aiding in perfection in various aspects of life. Blue Topaz is associated with calming of emotions and is considered ideal for meditating and creating a connection with spiritual beings.

Benefits of wearing it:

There are many other healing properties associated with Blue Topaz. This precious stone helps in the management of anger and also helps surface the hidden emotions so that you can deal with them more calmly. Moreover, wearing a Blue Topaz on a chain helps sensitive teenagers in particular to fight the emotions arising from teasing and maintain a good sense of humor.

Furthermore, Blue Topaz is considered to be a popular stone among the artisans, musicians, and craftsmen due to it’s ability to stimulate creativity and give mental clarity.

Blue Topaz is also associated with relieving the aches of head, skull, jaw and various other pains associated with the head. It is also believed to assist in the treatment of disorders arising from stress. Due to it’s unique color and healing capabilities, Blue Topaz is a go-to gemstone for many. You can wear it to not only enhance the beauty of your jewelry and give it an edge but you can also wear it to avail these very useful benefits Blue Topaz has to offer! The best part is that this gemstone is one of the most affordable ones.


7. Carnelian
This bright red color precious stone is captivating. The energy that accompanies Carnelian is bold and enlightens it’s holders with warmth, joy, and empowerment. Carnelian is known for being known as a stone of endurance, motivation, courage, and leadership inspiring people to acquire it. It belongs to the chalcedony family coming from the Quartz mineral. Carnelian means flesh in Latin due to it’s eye-catching colors like orange-red and deep brown.


It is an antique stone and was worn by ancient warriors to acquire bravery and physical strength to overpower their enemies. Master architects of Egypt wore it to display their ranks and honor while Middle Ages’ alchemists made use of Carnelian as a boiling stone. It was also believed to prevent plague in ancient times.

It was called the “setting sun” by Egyptians in ancient times and accredited it with the passive female energy of their Goddess, Isis. Nowadays, being a hard, tough and affordable gemstone, Carnelian is used for many jewelry pieces.

Benefits of wearing it:

Carnelian is associated with various uses and purposes. It is assumed to boost stamina for people going through training and other physical exercises. It is also believed to help architects and builders in their construction work due to this very property. This precious stone is also considered as an attraction of prosperity and good luck. At a workplace, Carnelian translates into a crystal that brings ambition and determination. It is also called the Singer’s Stone as it helps in live performances.

Carnelian is also linked with love and conceiving a child. It is also used in rejuvenating the fading love relationships. It is also believed to improve metabolism, reproduction and helps in the absorption of vitamins and minerals. Moreover, it is also helpful in fighting depression and lower back problems. It is also thought to remove jealousy from relationships helping in stabilizing them and restoring their health.

This affordable yet beautiful precious stone offers a range of benefits for the people who wish to use it or wear it. Carnelian with it’s healing properties along with emotional and physical support is a choice for gem lovers that cannot be ignored.


8. Citrine
Known as the “Success Gemstone” Citrine is the stone that is believed to bring achievement and wealth. It is also called the “Merchant’s Gemstone” as it is considered to help in business. Along with these special attributes, Citrine is also attributed to good luck, materialization and manifest wealth.


This light yellow to golden color precious stone is heated and given the reddish color to be sold in the market. Mined from Russia this gemstone is named after the French word citron translating into lemon due to it’s natural yellow color. It’s use as a gem dates back to as old as 300 B.C. in Greece adding to it’s antiquity.

Benefits of wearing it:

Due to it’s property of helping in acquiring wealth, it is kept in boxes in the shops or marketplaces. It is also believed to help in money ventures that are fast and are particularly helpful in succeeding in the commercial areas. It is also considered a precious stone that helps in professional support and, hence, aid people in interactions who are leading professional lives in sales, media, banking, and casinos.

It is also a stone that ignites creativity and therefore is popular among artists. It is also used to improve interpersonal relationships especially the romantic ones smoothing out any problems. It also helps in the attraction of love and joy and is a protection against hatred and negative feelings.

Citrine is also believed to enhance stamina, give support to the endocrine system and improves metabolism. Other physical healing attributes include stimulation of digestion, spleen, and pancreas, and elimination of infections of the bladder and the kidney.

The emotional healing energy of Citrine includes the acceptance of happiness and letting go of anger and other negative sentiments. These physical and emotional healing powers coupled with it’s wealth-related benefits make Citrine a very powerful and useful gemstone.

Hence, wearing or possessing Citrine attracts benefits that are useful for not only everyday routine but also for acquiring wealth and maintaining business activities. Give your jewelry pieces a unique touch by choosing this precious stone and wear it to not only enhance your confidence and beauty but to also avail the various benefits it has to order.


9. Emerald
This very famous gemstone has a captivating appearance due to which it can stir the mind and soul of those who look at it. Emerald sparks hope and symbolizes future, rejuvenation, and growth. As called the “Stone of Successful Love”, Emerald is the precious stone that encompasses the spirit of unconditional love and compassion. It is the flag bearer of friendship, domestic balance, and bliss, satisfaction, and loyalty; a perfect gemstone embodying the characteristics of true love.

Emerald belongs to the beryl family of the minerals and possesses a distinct green color to die for. It is also one of the ‘big three’ colored stones including rubies and sapphires. Love for Emerald dates back to ancient times and for over 5000 years this precious stone has been a very desired and valuable colored stone. In Asian, African and South American ancient civilizations Emerald was not only discovered but was also regarded as a very esteemed gemstone.


There is a wide range of ancient examples that tell the great tales of the antiquity of this precious colored stone. First discovered in Babylon in 4000 B.C. it was a stone that was worshipped, believed to have a goddess and highly revered by the major religious beliefs of that time for it’s ravishing beauty and spiritual powers. In Egypt, Emerald was the favorite stone for Queen Cleopatra and was regarded as a sign of eternity.

This beautiful green gemstone was also much loved by Aristotle, Alexander the Great and the Moghuls in India. Many ancient stunning pieces of jewelry were adorned by Emeralds including the crowns. The Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, Turkey is filled with tools and ornaments made up of Emerald.

Benefits of wearing it:

This ancient history validates the popularity and valuable nature of this precious stone in today’s day and age. It has numerous other uses and purposes for which it can be used to not only achieve the outer beauty but some internal benefits as well. Emerald is famous for rekindling passion and love and so to attract love, Emerald is worn out of sight but close to heart. It is also known for boosting confidence in younger people.

Moreover, it is also believed to have soothing and calming properties that calm down the emotions. It is also very good support at the workplace. Furthermore, it has various soothing and healing properties for physical ailments of the heart and the eyes. Emerald is also known for healing heartbreaks while giving the power to overcome the bad times in life.

Born under the Zodiac sign Taurus it is also believed to influence both positive and negative personality traits and characteristics, influencing people born between April and May. Hence, if you choose to wear Emerald, remember that it is not only a beautiful, eye-catching gemstone that you are opting for but it is also a very effective healer of the heart, emotions, and love.


10. Iolite
Can you believe that stone without an attractive bright color can still look like the most captivating and spellbinding gemstone? Iolite with it’s dark shade of violet-blue is the precious stone that fits this example. This stunning stone has the property of appearing a different color when it is seen through various positions. It has the attribute of appearing yellow-grey to light blue when viewed from different angles making it one of the most unique precious stones!


Named after the Greek word of ‘ios’ translating into violet this precious stone belongs to the Cordierite mineral and is also called as “Water Sapphire”. Given the name of Viking’s Compass this stone possesses the ability to help you shift from realm to the next one both physically and spiritually since it embodies the spirits of voyage, dreams, exploration, and illumination.

Benefits of wearing it:

Iolite helps in managing the balance of life and aid in overcoming the distractions. It also disseminates the energy that is needed for effective financial or monetary management. For people who feel like they have a chaotic life, Iolite works restore the stability and calm back in their lives. From a psychic point of view, Iolite possesses the energy of twilight and relates to various realms. When it comes to healing purposes, Iolite has various healing properties.

It is strongly associated with treating the paralysis, numbness and the strengthening of nerves. It is also believed to curb the migraines, headaches, and other eye-related issues along with sleep disorders. Iolite helps in identifying the direct wounds to heal emotionally. It is well known for the understanding of the deep self as well. An Iolite ring worn around the finger can also provide medicinal benefits and ensure accurate vision.

It is possible that you might be hearing about this gemstone for the first time but reading on it’s exceptional healing qualities and other supportive attributes it can be confidently said that it might have become your gemstone choice for jewelry. Wearing Iolite will not only match your crisp, violet-blue attire but you will also be benefitting from some of it’s amazing healing powers without being so consciously aware of it. Make sure to consider it before you go for your next jewelry shopping!


11. Labradorite
A feldspar mineral, Labradorite is found in mafic igneous rocks. It is famous for it’s exhibition of schiller effect i.e. display of colors blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. This entire phenomenon is termed as labradorescence. The ones selected for gemstones exhibit this labradorescence the most. This super unique property arises from the twinning surface within the stone that helps in the reflection of the light once it enters the stone. The light observed as a result of this reflection is the color shown off by this rock.


Due to this unique color-show that Labradorite puts up for others to see this gemstone has achieved a popular status as a gemstone. Instead of being famous among the mass merchants of jewelry, this precious stone is rather more used by designers who employ unique work on it. It’s labradorescence makes it appear as a “Stone of Magic”. It was discovered in Labrador, Canada in 1770 but it is also found in the Inuit references. It gained popularity in Europe between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Benefits of wearing it:

The benefits of wearing this precious stone arise from the fact that it is popular among the healers, divines, and shamans. It is believed to create a guard to protect the natural energies against the mishaps in life. It is also said to give a form of traveling to alternate levels of consciousness and facilitate visionary experiences. Labradorite is assumed to manifest the magical powers one possesses and improve the mental capabilities of telepathy and prophecy.

It is also believed to ease communication with divine beings. An encourager of courtesy, attention, and congeniality, Labradorite makes the workplace better through these attributes. It also said to help cure the emotional exhaustion and instill adventure and change. It also helps in understanding the forgotten memories better.

All in all, choosing to wear Labradorite is a wise decision that will not help you achieve the beauty of wearing it but also help in you curbing the negativity in life and combatting the various physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ailments. Even though it is possible that you are hearing the name of this precious gemstone for the first time, it is also possible that you were looking for these healing properties in stone that you were unable to find. Hence, here is the answer to your search; Labradorite!


12. Moonstone
Belonging to the family of feldspar mineral, Moonstone displays the quality of adularescence. It is a special quality of being able to give off a slow light glow that resembles the light of the moon through the clouds. This unique property has made Moonstone a popular member of the feldspar family giving it the honor of being a gemstone. This birthstone for the people born in June is found in Sri Lanka followed by Brazil, Myanmar, and India.


Moonstone jewelry is popular among the consumers especially the rings, earrings, and pendants. This precious stone is associated with understanding the inner self and finding the missing pieces of the soul to retrieve the self. It has served as an amulet for the protection of travelers and also as a present for lovers.

It is also regarded as a medium for prophecy and away towards wisdom. Just as the moon stimulates the rhythm in the tidal waves eventually affecting our moods and emotions, Moonstone, similarly, brings calmness and encouragement to it’s holder teaching them how life’s natural rhythms work. The significance of this gemstone dates back to 2000 years where Romans used it in jewelry.

It is also a conventional wedding gift in India carrying significance for those who love each other. It was also believed to bring together the lost lovers and help in curing sleeplessness. It is also regarded as a “Traveler’s Stone” due to it’s ability to protect.

Benefits of wearing it:

Why should one choose to wear Moonstone not only depends on it’s unique appearance and significance but also on the healing benefits that it brings with itself? It is particularly famous among lovers to comfort the ones who secretly love someone. It also helps in accepting love and reuniting the lovers who parted due to problems. Moonstone is also associated with fertility and is worn during lovemaking to bring the body in harmony with the natural moon cycle.

It also a professional support stone that helps artists and other professionals in self-expression. It is also known for it’s emotional healing powers of aligning your emotions with the divine will rather than expressing or repressing them. It soothes and calms the mind as well.
With these unique properties, Moonstone can be the ultimate choice for lovers and those who wish to achieve love in their life. It is also a very good gemstone for those who are looking forward to wearing it for protection and beauty.


13. Opal
It is named after the Greek word called the Opallos which translates to see a change. This is because no Opal is the same. Due to it’s unique property of flashing every color of the spectrum and being specific to the design of the stone from where it is extracted, Opal was called the “Queen of Gems”. It is also a birthstone for the people born in October. Being one of the popular gemstones, the prices of Opal can sometimes compete with those of rubies, sapphires, and Emeralds.


Opal is an appropriate choice for earrings, pendants, and brooches. Sometimes Opal is overlooked as quartz or chalcedony when a surprising amount of it’s common type does exist. Australia, Mexico, and Ethiopia are the countries where Opal is most commonly found.

But there are several other countries as well that have common Opal. There are 3 types of Opal; the precious Opal displaying the play of color, the common Opal devoid of this play of color and the fire Opal that may or may not exhibit this property but has a bright-red fire-like background color to it.

Benefits of wearing it:

Apart from appearing so powerful and unique, Opal has some undeniable benefits that give the wearers an edge over the non-wearers. It is associated with calmness, security, and relief from stress and depression, hence, helping people in channeling one’s energies to better purposes. Opal also prevents overthinking and restless minds by centering them.

It is also a very good antidote to sleeping disorders, particularly for children. Opal also makes the best gift for the mothers or mothers-to-be since it resonates with the energy of the Mother Goddess. It also helps in overcoming the fears linked with childbirth, soothing the mothers who are about to give birth. Opal is also a seductive stone and is associated with love and passion.

With these incredible properties, and stunning appearance it is easy to say that Opal is not a stone that you can easily miss while deciding for what to wear. It is a perfect gemstone for people born in October since it is their birthstone and it also carries all these amazing properties that can help you in overcoming the misfortunes of life.


14. Peridot
Often simply ignored and only considered as a birthstone for people born in August, Peridot has recently claimed it’s popularity back. It is a relatively affordable gem that is easily obtained and, hence, it was largely ignored. This precious stone has an olive green color that has this uniqueness that is found in only one color. It resembles that of the summer and fall season when leaves go from being all green to gold.


A gem of warmth, well-being, mental stimulation, and physical regeneration, Peridot is surely a very stunning piece of gemstones. It is associated with the sun and has always been considered as a force that drives away the dark forces. When worn on the neck or arm, Peridot was used as a protection against magic, and evil spirits. It was also used to cure cowardice and soothed out anger. Peridot is considered to be a gemstone against fear, depression and other psychological ailments.

Benefits of wearing it:

Accompanying Peridot are some very useful benefits that one can take advantage of by wearing it. Firstly, wearing Peridot set in gold brings peaceful sleep and aids against nightmares. It is also worn as a good luck charm and being a sunstone to avoid the personal darkness. It has a protective aura against envy, gossip, and cheating.

Placing Peridot on the heart helps in soothing it against the heartbreaks or pains caused by the relationships in the past. It also encourages people to have faith in themselves and boost their confidence. It is also believed to ease the pain of the childbirth process when placed or worn on the abdomen.

Therefore, Peridot proves to be a very underrated gemstone that is undermined of it’s unique outstanding qualities through which people can not only attain satisfaction in life but also heal from past hurts and protect themselves against the dark forces that create misfortunes in life hampering the growth.

Hence, make sure to consider Peridot the next time you think of wearing a precious stone for it’s amazing attributes. Enjoy it’s summer/fall touch with the unique healing powers it will bring to you and your inner self that should not be undermined in any way!

Pink Tourmaline

15. Pink Tourmaline
Pink Tourmaline with it’s variation of color from pale pink to deeper red and from being transparent gem to opaque crystals, it is a gemstone that is associated with the heart committed to bringing love and spirituality to it’s holders. It also infuses compassion and gentleness. Due to it’s brilliant energy, it has become very popular among collectors and practitioners.

In it’s composition, it belongs to the family of aluminum borosilicate mixed with various other metals. The name for this precious stone does not come from Latin or Greek language rather it is taken from the Sinhalese word “turmali” translating into “a mixed color precious stone”.


The Pink Tourmaline is linked with emotions and together with green tourmaline it is associated with the higher self and is assumed to fill life with joy and happiness. Another stunning property of tourmaline includes it’s ability to become electrically charged making it’s one end positive and the other negative making particles of dust and paper attached to it. There are various uses and purposes of Pink Tourmaline apart from just being a cool gemstone for jewelry.

Benefits of wearing it:

Such as Pink Tourmaline is being used to reduce the chances of falling while walking particularly for toddlers. Also, it is believed that wearing this precious stone helps in releasing stress, worries, and depression. To curb obsessive behavior, black tourmaline is also used with Pink Tourmaline.

Pink Tourmaline is also very common among the children for it helps to provide relief to those who have suffered from abuse, sleeping disorders and help them in focusing their qualities and assistance before they are ready to take an action.

Pink Tourmaline is also known among teenagers getting pregnant to create a bond with the baby. Moreover, tourmaline is also used in treating motion sickness. Due to these numerous beneficial uses, Pink Tourmaline is a gem one of it’s kind!

Wear this Pink Tourmaline to not only make your jewelry stand out but also to take advantage of these tremendously useful benefits that Pink Tourmaline has to offer to it’s holders and wearers. Do not forget to consider all these uses before you decide to purchase a precious stone to wear so that you avail it’s dual-purpose of adding beauty to your jewelry pieces making them timeless and of providing you with several health-related and emotional benefits that will help you get through your daily life.

Red Garnet

16. Red Garnet
Garnet is one of those precious stones that is popular among the folklores for it’s antiquity not only as a jewel for ornaments but also due to it’s incredible energies and healing powers. The word Garnet comes from the Latin name of “Granatum” which means a pomegranate since it resembled the small granules of pomegranate.


This precious stone comes in the size of a grain of sand and also as big as the size of an apple. The antiquity of the Garnets dates back to more than 5000 years ago when it was used by the people of the Bronze Age and in Ancient Egypt. In 2100 B.C. they were used by Sumerians and by the people of Sweden in 1000 and 2000 B.C.

It is also famous that in Noah’s ark the light was provided by a large Garnet. It was very popular among the great old Greek and Roman civilizations. Due to it’s ravishing beauty and undeniable great uses, red Garnet is popular among the jewelry craftsmen and other manufacturers such as a watch, sandpaper, etc.

Benefits of wearing it:

Garnet is generally known as the “Stone of health” due to it’s exuberant property of taking out the negative energy and transforming it into a beneficial state. It is a precious stone involved in the purification of vital organs, blood and helps in the utilization of minerals and vitamins. It has several emotional benefits as well as helps to balance energy, bring calmness and serenity and also helps to inspire love.

It also aids in healing from sadness and depression. Also known for bringing courage and hope, red Garnet is a very good choice for emotional healing stone. Garnet is also a birthstone for people born in January and for people who have Aquarius as their zodiac sign.

Hence, for people born in January or having Aquarius as their zodiac sign, it serves many more purposes. They can choose to wear it as their birthstone yet avail all these amazing benefits that derive from this precious gem. Next time you go shopping for a gem or jewel do not forget to pay attention to the ravishing red Garnet.

Not only because it would look beautiful as a stone but also because of it’s therapeutic properties and attributes that will last long. Make sure to add it to your shopping list to enjoy the benefits of this historical gem.

Rose Quartz

17. Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz is a very beautiful gemstone having a gentle pink tone and is known as the stone of the heart, and a “Crystal of Unconditional Love”. From it’s outlook as well as the interior it showcases feminine pink energy that related to compassion, peace, and softness. It is said to dissolve emotional wounds and fears and regulates warm loving energy. The Rose Quartz is also called the Heart Stone for this very reason.


It has been used as a token of love since 600 B.C. and is still considered a very integral stone for relationships, intimacy, and romance. It enhances the relationships with family or friends and is a connection between people of the same groups and communities. This precious stone is a common variety belonging to the Quartz family.

Found in abundance across the globe, it’s appearance ranges from being hazy to translucent. The name reflects it’s softer rosy color acquired due to the presence of titanium, iron or magnesium in the material of quartz. The color of this gemstone is stable and is not affected by the direct exposure to sunlight adding to it’s versatility.

Benefits of wearing it:

There are numerous uses and benefits of wearing this gemstone. It gives a soothing feeling that exudes from a mother and so is used by pregnant mothers while delivering the babies. To rekindle love, photos of lovers are placed inside this Rose Quartz crystal and worn. It also gives out sensualizing energy.

Moreover, it is a very effective gemstone for sleeping peacefully as it gives off calming and soothing warmth. It is also a popular stone to be used in the treatment of trauma and crisis including any emotional challenges by empowering feelings of empathy. It is also used for soothing out depression and sadness.

Wear this powerful Rose Quartz to not the only comfort yourself in the time of emotional crisis but also to exude warm energy since it’s beautiful rose red color attracts anyone who looks at it. It is a historic and very beautiful precious stone that cannot be canceled out from the list of gemstones due to it’s healing properties and excellent appearance. It is a must-wanted stone so do not miss out on it if it offers what you are looking for.


18. Ruby
This stone of nobility is counted as one of the big three gemstones which are known for their rareness, uniqueness and high price. It is believed to be the queen of all the stones and the gemstone of the kings. It is not only a very famous and antique stone, but it also has some virtuous properties associated with it that make it stand out from the rest.


The historical relevance of this stone is very famous. It is also believed that the Chinese King Kublai Khan had offered an entire city just for a sizable Ruby stone. It has always been a stone of passion, prosperity, and protection symbolizing the grandeur of the sun while glowing hues resembling the flame within the stone that is claimed cannot be hidden even under clothes.

In historic times it was worn as an amulet to prevent one from plague and also warned the person wearing it of danger keeping the person safe. It was known to bring peace to it’s holder, protect from nightmares and prevent lust and disputes. It is famous in Burmese legends that if you insert this gemstone in flesh it would make you invulnerable. Moreover it is also a birthstone for the people born between July and August having Leo as their zodiac sign.

Benefits of wearing it:

Ruby is worn to cure lethargy and physical exhaustion. It is also known for stimulating blood circulation and amplifying energy bringing vitality to the entire system. However, more sensitive people may find this property of the stone over-stimulating and hence the stone may not suit them. Ruby is also known for allowing one to experience and feel love ranging from wild sensuality to mystical sort of communion.

It is also believed to deepen relationships and create stronger bonds between couples. It also has a sharp intense energy that helps in brightening up the mind encouraging people to concentrate and focus. It is also known for banishing nightmares and other sleep-related fears.

Most of us are indeed well-acquainted with the beauty of ruby and how it lures anyone who sees it. But it is also true that there is more to a ruby as a precious stone than just it’s outer beauty. A rare gemstone ruby is desired for not only it’s appearance but also because of it’s therapeutic properties, the emotional calm and loving energy that it adds to one’s life. If ever life gives you a chance, do not miss out on this gemstone!

Ruby Zoisite

19. Ruby Zoisite
It is an incredible combination of Ruby and Green Zoisite, making it a stone strongly linked to the heart. This powerful stone can stimulate positive energies in you making neural connections between your heart and the brain. This stone is largely found in India but is also discovered in Zambia Africa. It is a combination of two colors each derived from the stones it is made up of; clear green from Green Zoisite and deep red from Ruby. This color difference in the stone is distinct and gives a very beautiful touch to this precious stone.


Also called Anyolite, this stone has a very strong spiritual nature connecting to your soul and helping you learn the language of your inner self making you understand the spiritual. It is also easy to find this stone embedded in jewelry or find it loose as a piece of stone.

The jewelry pieces made out of it stand out due to their contrasting colors and ravishing appearance that take away the heart of the one seeing them. Ruby Zoisite is also a birthstone for the people having the zodiac sign of Aries making it an important stone for the people born between March and April.

Benefits of wearing it:

Since it is strongly linked to the heart, wearing Ruby Zoisite can help in enhancing the connection between the heart and the brain making you more self-aware and helping you understand yourself. If someone is looking to rejuvenate the spirituality within them, Ruby Zoisite is the stone to wear.

It helps a person to communicate with heart and make fully aware and responsible decisions through the brain. Hence, it aids a person in understanding his or her deepest desires and knows what is needed to achieve them.

Ruby Zoisite is a powerful heart stone that can be used for one’s understanding of life, needs, wants and desires while also helps you in reawakening the spirituality dying inside you. It is needless to mention that the jewelry made out of this stone is equally spellbinding and makes you want to keep looking at it’s mystic color forever.

If you are considering to become more empathetic and self-aware, Ruby Zoisite is the stone for you. Wear it to not only enhance your outer beauty but also the inner beauty of the heart by understanding yourself and indulging in spirituality.

Rutilated Quartz

20. Rutilated Quartz
This one of kind quartz helps you keep your emotional energy clean of depression, helping you recover from the emotional wounds. As a result, this beautiful gemstone acts as an anti-depressant. It’s appearance is equally incredible with the golden lines crisscrossing each other.


The legends were said to be drawn towards the golden locks it possesses giving it a shimmery and glistening touch who ended up calling it Venus’s hair stone. This glistening property has made it popular among the jewelry makers and wearers making the ornaments timeless and versatile. Rutilated Quartz is immensely charged and has the property of enhancing intuition.

When combined with Amethyst, Labradorite and Sodalite, a very powerful and healthy tonic of spirituality is formed helping you reconnect with t earthly vibrations. It is a famous stone on the healing grid and helps you in therapy from emotional and mental ailments or hurdles.

Benefits of wearing it:

Rutilated Quartz has been used as a crystal for meditation by practitioners. Moreover, it is used by people to improve their state of happiness and bring back the excitement and joy to their lives. It also helps in understanding your position in the spirit world. It is also said to help with seeing a larger vision.

While meditating wearing this stone you can understand more about the spirit world and your position in that world of spirits. It also has a very empowering property of cleansing or purifying your soul of negative energies. It is popular in understanding the positive energies and aid you in throwing away the dark energies.

Wearing the Rutilated Quartz ensures that you are sheltered from depressing emotional energies and that you know where your spirit lives in the world of spirits. If you are conscious about meditation and cleansing yourself from draining negative energies, this precious stone, Rutilated Quartz, should be your go-to choice because not only it adds to the beauty of your jewelry piece having a very pretty translucent effect of angelic shine and hair but it also gives you the therapeutic energy missing from your life.

Nature has blessed us with incredibly powerful and energizing minerals and rock that have ravishing beauty, exotic textures and exude warmth, serenity, and peace. Their colors add joy to people’s lives who wear them or make them a part of their lifestyle.

Above we have explored the significance and benefits of these various gemstones, some of these you may have come across for the first time while most you may have heard of before. These exuberant precious stones become even more unique when their therapeutic properties and medicinal uses make them a vital and integral part of our lives.

People who choose to wear jewelry or keep these stones as amulets and ornaments can exploit the benefits these gemstones have to offer. While for some they carry the significance of being the birthstone, for others they may be important due to their outer look and beauty or their rare attributes of healing deep emotional or mental wounds.

These precious stones are also an excellent way of enhancing spirituality deep within you and wearing these can help ease your life so much. Each time you choose to wear jewelry, make sure to understand and know more about the gemstone you are choosing in it since it brings with it countless benefits and healing opportunities.

Some of these stones were historically significant as well that adds to their relevance and importance in today’s world. Moreover, there are many more precious stones apart from the expensive Diamond that you can choose to wear.

According to your affordability and still look chic, classy and timeless while also avail the immensely beneficial properties these precious stones have to offer.

Appreciate the natural beauty, and remember to add these precious stones to your jewelry items to stand out and make your life easier, soothing, calming and full of positive energies emitting from these rare, unique and precious stones. A precious stone is the sunshine of life.


I worked in the jewelry industry for many years where I combined my passion and training with my knowledge of jewelry. Creativity has always been at the heart of my life. I want the pieces that I create bring joy to people and make them a little happier. I’m a maker by nature and I’m not happy unless I’m creating something.

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